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SpringerLink Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences

License Terms of Use

For U of C Library users
Can I link to it? Yes

Is a persistent electronic link to an individual item like an article, ebook or image allowed?Request More License Information

Posting or scanning articles or book chapters on personal websites or in Desire2Learn is often not allowed. Please create a persistent link to the material instead.

Note: in some cases while linking is not forbidden, the database is not technically capable of supporting persistent links.

Instructions on how to create persistent links.

If you have trouble creating a link, contact your subject librarian for help.

Can I have a print copy put on reserve? Yes

Is putting a print copy of a reading on library reserve allowed? In all cases the item must be a supplementary reading for a specific course.

Instructions on how to put print materials on reserve.

Can I make an electronic copy and load it into Desire2Learn? No

Is creating or downloading an electronic copy and then loading it to Desire2Learn or other secure website allowed?

Can I have a copy included in a print coursepack? Yes

Can copies be included in the print coursepacks sold by the University Bookstore? In all cases coursepacks cannot be sold at a profit.

Scholarly Sharing No

Can authorized users occasionally send material to colleagues at other educational institutions?

For U of C Library Staff
ILL Print or Fax Yes

Can library staff print/fax material for ILL transactions?

ILL Secure electronic transmission Yes

Can ILL staff send material by secure electronic transmission, such as Ariel or Relais for ILL transactions?

ILL Electronic No

Can ILL staff send unsecured electronic copies for ILL transactions?

ILL record keeping required No

Are ILL staff required to keep records of ILL transactions?

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